Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get. Got other questions? Call us!

What will we eat?
The food is second to none! We often stay at Elk Mountain Hotel or Castle Valley Outdoors, places that almost make you want to stay and eat instead of hunt. The food is prepared by chefs that have been schooled in their art. I will always recommend the rib-eye, it is my personal favorite!
What does it cost?
Predator, Prairie Dog or Bird Hunting*:
1 person: $450 per day
2 person: $800 per day
3 person: $1100 per day
Big Predator, Elk, Deer or Exotic Game Hunting:
$$ Negotiable. Call us.
*2 people or 2 day minimum. *Add $350 per day per add'l person. *Group rates available. *Extended lodging & meals not incl in price. *Cost of birds is extra (varies based on species and quantity)

Can you pick us up?
We will pick you up at the airport or meet you at our destination, depending on your preference. While in the field, we provide all transportation for you and your gear.
What's the weather like?
The weather can be anywhere from -20 to up in the 100’s. So bring clothes appropriate for the time of year. Long pants, shirt, boots, coat, face mask, gloves, and layers as needed. A seat of some sort - Turkey vest, foam cushion, carpet pad, etc. If you are missing a few small items we can help. Binoculars are very, very, very helpful!
To Bring
What will we need to bring?
Any center-fire rifle or shotgun, and ammunition. .223, 22-50, .243, or 12 gauge #4 buck shot are all great choices. (If you want to keep the fur, a small caliber center-fire rifle is best)
Full camouflage. Pants, shirt, coat, face mask, gloves, coat etc. Boots. Warm clothes in the winter.
Binoculars are very very very helpful.
A seat of some sort: Turkey vest, foam cushion, carpet pad, etc.
If you have your own calls, bring them!

Do you take groups?
Custom fitting hunting packages is one thing we love to do for our clients. Predator and prairie dog hunting are what we do best, but that is not all we do. We can get you lined up to hunt a variety of different animals. Whether you're having a corporate retreat, getting together with a large group of friends, or if you want to come alone, we can accommodate you.
Where do we hunt?
Our predator hunting takes place in some of the most beautiful country in the United States. From the vast Nevada desert to the rugged mountains of Utah to the sage covered Wyoming plateaus. All are dense with coyotes, fox, bobcat, cougar, badger and many other predators.
How/when do we pay?
Cash, gold boullion, and all major credit cards are accepted. A 25% deposit is required at time of booking with the rest due the first day of the hunt.


  • “Lundberg enjoys the challenge of getting a coyote as close as possible. The shot can be anywhere from 15 to 300 yards.”

    Slaton White
    Slaton White Deputy Editor, Field & Stream
  • “Just came off a trip to Idaho, where coyote calling phenom’, Cory Lundberg worked his magic on the calls.”

    Scott Haugen
    Scott Haugen Host of TV's
  • “I had the pleasure of hunting in Wyoming with Cory Lundberg, owner of CODA Depredation guided hunts. Lundberg has hunted throughout Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico and elsewhere. He gets geeked over a good setup for coyotes and then calling them in for a clear, clean shot”

    Alan Clemons
    Alan Clemons Contributing Author, Outdoor Life Magazine, Managing Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine
  • Hunting prairie dogs remains one of the grand traditions of the West, and CODA Depredation Services knows how to do it!

    Thomas McIntyre Outdoor Writer, Author -- Days: A Hunting Life
  • CODA knows predators! Even the huge success of the Utah DNR's helicopter-borne predator population control in the week before wouldn't ruin our hunt with CODA's superb guide, Cory Lundberg. He dug innto his bag of tricks, locked in the front differential and put us on some dogs in some of the most breathtaking and rugged country I've ever witnessed. My first coyote would be one that almost passed me by. He was haulin' tail, responding to Cory's wounded-rabbit wail like it was a dinner bell. Then, suddenly, as if he saw me blink he stopped only 15 yards from the tip of the barrel. I dropped him the second after we locked eyes. My extreme excitement and celebration was cut short as Cory somehow spied the coyote's buddy on a ridge 540 yards away. The first shot was close enough to make him nervous, but it wasn't enough to chase him off. With a little correction from Cory, we watched the coyote react as the second shot reached him, popping up in the air and spinning nearly around as he dropped behind the ridge. Talk about exciting! And to think, I totally expected the DNR had ruined out week, but his outstanding skill and experience made for one hunt and two coyotes that I'll always remember. Thanks Cory!

    Mike Nischalke Lutto PR
  • CODA made my job easy! Cory took care of all the details. The food was wonderful, lodging was first class, the writers couldn't have been happier. Beretta, Federal and Burris were all tickled with the way things turned out. We will be coming back again for sure!

    Cory Cannon Owner – Triple Curl Inc.
  • I look forward to the hunts with CODA every year. It never ceases to amaze me when coyotes come to those calls; it has got to be one of the coolest tings I have seen. I would recommend CODA to anyone. They know what they are doing and make it fun for everyone!

    Kip Rollins VOX Promotions
  • This was the hunt of a lifetime! My 1st and Kari's second Prairie Dog hunt -- Wonderful experience, fantastic accommodations and beautiful staff. We want to come back.

    Henry Paasikivi General Manager -- Finland, Europe
  • The most fun and most exciting coyote hunt I have ever been Layne Simpson <>Executive Editor The prairie dog hunting was unbelievable! I have never seen so many dogs to shoot, and it lasted all day! We shot one town for the good part of the day and we never ran out of dogs to shoot! This is some of the best prairie dog hunting I have ever experienced!

    Dave Henderson Outdoor Writer
  • I had such a great time. The guides were great to be around and they knew their stuff. They put us on so many things to shoot at I couldn't believe it. The prairie dogs never seemed to end and the coyotes were non-stop action. I will be hunting with Cory and CODA many times in the future!

    L.P. Brezny Outdoor Writer
  • If you are looking for a first rate experience, do not pass up and opportunity to book your next varmint hunt with CODA. Everything from the accommodations to the hunting locations was simply amazing, and guides were the best I have ever used. Cory and his guides knew the territory and the animals, which resulted in all of my guests being thoroughly satisfied each day. Simply the best varmint shooting I have done out West!

    Cathy Williams CMG Marketing & Events Beretta, Burris and Federal Varmint Hunt
  • When you pay for a guided hunt, more than anything else you should expect the outfitter to work hard for you. Guides have no control over animals, weather or your shooting but should be able to put you in good country and they should be willing to put forth a good effort. You will get both with CODA Depredations Services. Cory Lundberg not only understands critters, he understands hunters and knows how to give them the most bang for their buck. I've hunted with outfitters on three continents and Cory and his crew could share the field with the best of them. Pack a lot of ammo, expect to eat well and be ready to have fun.

    Richard Mann Field Editor - NRA's Shooting Illustrated Magazine – Contributor; Predator & Prey Magazine / Freelance Outdoor / Gun Writer